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LIVEXCollect data system


Increasing amounts of data are being required by the regulator of the livestock export industry, which uses the information to measure performance and set policy. It is also an increasing focus for industry and the community, to support ongoing improvements to decision making and operational efficiency as well as transparency and accountability, and to contribute to research efforts.

However, the quality of data can be easily compromised without a structured collection system in place.

This project built on work carried out by the LEP RD&E Program, to create a programmed Excel-based tool for use on livestock export ships to improve consistency in the way livestock observations and other measurements are recorded and reported.

A database has also been developed to capture the reports over time, along with a dashboard to present the information in easily digestible graphs and tables.

  • Provide IT products to help the livestock export industry meet its reporting requirements in a structured and consistent way that improves the quality and value of the data being collected.

Benefits to industry

Standardised data collection not only improves the quality of information being provided to the regulator, but for the first time allows the industry to aggregate and analyse the information. This will lead to improvements in areas such as animal welfare, operational efficiency and industry sustainability.

More information is available here for LIVEXCollect users.

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