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LIVEXCollect is a data collection, storage and visualisation system, and the cornerstone of LiveCorp’s data and digital strategy. It has put industry data in industry’s hands for the first time, while helping to streamline and improve the quality of information being collected during the livestock export process.

LIVEXCollect was developed by LiveCorp in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (as the regulator) and is used by industry to meet reporting requirements under the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL).

Programmed Excel-based tools are currently used in pre-export quarantine yards, on livestock export ships, and for livestock shipments by air. The information is stored in a dedicated database, and dashboards have been developed to present the information in easily digestible graphs and tables.

Work is underway to develop an digital application (which will also work offline) and create training materials, which will further improve the quality and consistency of the data being collected.

The project is being managed by LiveCorp and is funded through a grant from the Australian Government.

  • To develop a digital platform which will have basic functionality (and have the ability to be scaled up) to replace the current Excel spreadsheet based mechanism of data capture and move towards digitisation of export livestock health and welfare data collection.

Benefits to industry

By improving consistency in the way livestock observations and other measurements are recorded and reported, LIVEXCollect increases the industry’s ability to analyse data. This helps to:

  • improve transparency and accountability with the community

  • inform strategic planning and research

  • inform policy and regulation

  • improve decision-making and animal welfare outcomes

  • build support and confidence between supply chain partners and producers.

Longer-term, having a digital platform will enable the collection of increased voluntary data and allow the expansion of the platform up and down the supply chain, automation, and track information linked to individuals and mobs of livestock through the supply chain.

More information is available here for LIVEXCollect users. Existing reporting tools and training materials are available here. You can also contact

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