Conditions of membership

There are two classes of membership available:

  • Exporter Membership

  • Associate Membership

Exporter Membership

To be eligible for Exporter Membership, a person or entity must hold a current Australian livestock export license issued by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF).

Two types of Exporter Member categories are available:

  • Active Exporter Member (those that have paid levies in the past four quarters and are not in arrears by more than one month)

  • Inactive Exporter Member

Exporter Members do not pay a membership fee to LiveCorp as they are subject to the statutory export levies collected by the Government Levy Revenue Service (LRS) on the export of cattle, sheep and goats. The current rates are:

  • Beef cattle = $0.0095238/kg liveweight

  • Dairy cattle = $6/head

  • Sheep/lambs = $0.60/head

  • Goats = $0.50/head

Associate membership

Associate Membership is available to a person or entity who contributes to (or is likely to contribute to) the Australian livestock export industry in the reasonably near future, or if the person or entity has regular commercial involvement with, or receives significant commercial benefit from, the Australian livestock export industry.

This is made available to all organisations that are not actively or otherwise directly involved in the export of livestock but still have an interest in developments within the industry.

Membership is reviewed annually and continuity of Associate Membership is based upon renewal of the annual membership fee of $1,500 plus GST.

Admission as a member

Each application for membership is considered by the LiveCorp Board, which will advise on the outcome of the application. Approved Associate Members will then be sent an invoice for their initial membership fee.

The Board may determine any other conditions of membership from time to time, which do not adversely impact the rights of existing members.

Only Active Exporter Members are eligible to vote on resolutions at general meetings.

Membership benefits
  • Access to the members-only content on the LiveCorp website

  • Targeted trade enquiries through the LiveCorp website

  • Input into the livestock export industry research process

  • Targeted trade support

  • Industry newsletters and announcements

Changes to information

You will cease to be a Member of LiveCorp:

  • if you resign from membership by notice in writing

  • if (being a natural person) you die or become of unsound mind or a person who is, or whose estate is, liable to be dealt with in any way under the law relating to mental health

  • if you become bankrupt or insolvent or wound up or make any arrangement or compromise with creditors

  • in any other circumstances prescribed in the terms of membership applicable to you or in any undertaking given by you upon your admission to membership

  • if in the case of an Exporter Member, you cease to be a Licensed Livestock Exporter

  • if in the case of an Associate Member, in the opinion of the Directors, you are unlikely to contribute to the Australian livestock export industry in the reasonably near future.

LiveCorp reserves the right to discontinue membership services should the conditions of membership be breached.