Funding Agreement

LiveCorp exists under the Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Act (1997) (AMLI Act) as the Research and Development Corporation (RDC) for the Australian livestock export industry, and administers statutory levies on behalf of industry.

The Commonwealth Government is increasing stakeholder transparency, removing duplication and driving commercialisation by putting in place a strengthened accountability framework for the RDCs. To this end, LiveCorp has been provided, and must demonstrate its compliance with, the following documents:

LiveCorp's Funding Agreement Performance Principles
  • To engage stakeholders to identify RD&E priorities and activities that provide benefits to the Industry

  • To ensure RD&E priorities and activities (and marketing activities) are strategic, collaborative and targeted to improve profitability, productivity, competitiveness and preparedness for future opportunities and challenges through a balanced portfolio

  • To undertake strategic and sustained cross-industry and cross-sectoral collaboration that addresses shared challenges and draws on experience from other sectors

  • For governance arrangements and practices to fulfil legislative requirements and align with contemporary Australian best practice for open, transparent and proper use and management of funds

  • To demonstrate positive outcomes and delivery of RD&E and marketing benefits to levy payers and the Australian community in general, and show continuous improvement in governance and administrative efficiency.