Fraud and corruption control statement

The operational, financial, social and reputational impact of fraud and corruption can be significant and LiveCorp is committed to maintaining a culture of honesty and integrity, and fostering an ethical work environment and culture. LiveCorp has adopted a zero tolerance approach towards fraud and corruption in all activities, which is consistent with the Code of Conduct and the law.

LiveCorp operates under a funding agreement (FA) with the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, for the use of statutory levies collected on the export of livestock from Australia. Under the terms of the FA, LiveCorp is required to develop and implement a fraud and corruption control plan that meets the minimum compliance standards as outlined in the Australian Standard for Fraud and Corruption Control (AS8001-2008).

Fraud and corruption control measures within the company extend to all directors, executives, managers, employees and contractors.

LiveCorp takes the prevention of fraud and corruption within the organisation very seriously and will take all practical measures to ensure thorough and proper reporting and investigation of any suspected incidences of this occurring.

Any alleged fraudulent or corrupt activity involving LiveCorp, or business who interacts with LiveCorp, can be reported by any of the following means:


Telephone: 02 9929 6755

Mail: Fraud and Corruption Control Officer, LiveCorp, PO Box 1174, North Sydney NSW 2059